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Counselling and therapy for attachment

Maybe you are having difficulty trusting others, or an impulsive need to control your environment or people around you. Or perhaps you are having difficulty in connecting with others, feeling isolated and withdrawing from social occasions. You may wish to explore what is the cause of this.

From birth, we develop a close bond with our main caregivers (usually our parents). We become attached to them and help us learn and develop in a safe and secure, trusting environment. This gives children the confidence to explore, learn and cope with new situations and form meaningful relationships.


Help with attachment issues

However, sometimes this bond is not formed, for many different reasons; abuse, illness, neglect or separation. This can lead to emotional difficulties and mental health problems later in life. This might be through withdrawing from social situations, over or under expressing affection.

Unresolved attachment issues can cause significant difficulties in adult life. Fortunately, it is never too late to seek help. Psychotherapy can help enormously, offering a space to explore losses, find closure and learn ways to create bonds that are safe, meaningful and loving.

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Counselling Gillingham-Dorset: Attachment counselling for help with attachment issues in the region Dorset, Gillingham, Blandford Forum, Yeovil, Frome, Warminster, Salisbury.

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My name is Gilly, I am a fully qualified counsellor. My aim is to work with you, I offer a supportive, confidential space, a place to be heard, where you may talk through whatever is on your mind.
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